Automotive Leather

Schaffer Corporation first diversified into leather in 1984, but major growth did not begin until 1994, with the acquisition of Howe & Company Pty Ltd of Melbourne. The automotive leather business has been a core driver of profitability in past years and this has been substantially due to our partnership with Howe Automotive Ltd Executive Chairman, Mr Anton Mayer (who is also a Director of Schaffer Corporation Limited).

Howe is a global business in a global industry.

Schaffer Corporation owns 83% of Howe Automotive Limited, which supplies leather to automotive manufacturers in Australia, Asia and Europe.

From leather processing and finishing facilities in Victoria and offshore component cutting plants in China and Slovakia, Howe produces quality automotive leather to a strong and regionally diverse customer base.

Howe Leather’s operations employ superior technology at every stage. The process beings at Howe’s Rosedale plant where automated chemical delivery and drum processes ensure exact specifications for colour fastness and strength are achieved. The company’s Thomastown finishing facility guarantees colour precision by using a computer controlled mixing process and application via high precision coating process. This achieves correct and absolutely standard coat weights across each hide. The result is improved production efficiency and the optimum balance of flex and colour fastness.

Howe Leather has supplied iconic car manufacturers and brands including Ford, Toyota, Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes and Nissan.

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