Property Investments

Portfolio Overview

Schaffer Corporation commenced investing in property in 1994.  The Group’s property investments now include a diverse portfolio of syndicate investment properties, property development projects, and wholly owned/operated properties.

The portfolio includes South Connect Industrial Estate – a 34 hectare wholly-owned light industrial development at Jandakot, Western Australia,  a bulky goods centre in Rockingham, Western Australia and various syndicated interests in commercial, industrial, hotel, retail and residential properties across Australia and the United States.

Key Properties

Property Portfolio: Summary of Pre-Tax Net Equity Value ($m)
Properties used by SFC Operations11.411.
Rental Properties37.539.948.957.963.766.6
- Retail/Bulky Goods16.214.416.421.425.625.8
- Industrial (includes Jandakot rented portion)15.314.617.
- Office5.25.68.310.59.39.7
- Hotels0.
- Residential0.
Development Sites40.942.546.247.165.464.7
- Jandakot26.426.433.433.449.549.8
- Residential11.512.
- Industrial3.
Total Property Pre-Tax Net Equity Value89.893.8104.8114.7138.8141.4

* Pre-Tax Net Equity Value is SFC’s share of market value less debt (including syndicate property debt)